Penza Vice Mayor facing charges of land fraud

Penza Vice Mayor facing charges of land fraud

The official illegally gave out a land plot worth about 1.6 million rubles ($27 000).

The Investigative Committee has initiated a criminal case against the Penza Deputy Mayor. The senior official, whose name remains withheld, is suspected of forgery of a document that was used as grounds to allocate a land plot to a local resident.

According to the Investigative Committee, the Vice Mayor added some false information into the official document in June 2016. He signed a decree to grant a plot in a gardening association to be owned by a local resident retroactively. Besides, the official signed the document allegedly on behalf of the Penza Acting Mayor, while not actually having the decision-making authority.

So, a certain citizen was granted land worth at least 1.6 million rubles. Eventually, the resolution signed by the senior official has been annulled.

"A criminal case has been initiated against the Deputy Mayor of the city of Penza, suspected of committing a crime under Forgery article... Findings of the inspection conducted by Penza regional prosecutor's office have become the grounds for the criminal case," the statement reads.

According to Pervy Penzensky Portal, a certain Vladimir Popkov is the defendant in the criminal case and the land was illegally allocated in Iskra-1 Gardeners’ Partnership, where Vice Governor Valery Savin is known to have his dacha.



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