Penza: Lawyer takes $8.5k bribe and gets caught

Penza: Lawyer takes $8.5k bribe and gets caught

A lawyer has been charged with bribery in Penza.

The man in question wanted his client to pay him the money for helping to 'settle' a criminal case, according to the Russian Investigative Committee Penza Office of Investigations. The lawyer has been charged with violation of articles 30, part 3 (Preparations for a Crime, and Attempted Crimes) and 159, part 3 (Swindling Committed Organized Group or on an Especially Large Scale) of the Russian Criminal Code.

The lawyer and his buddy learned the Penza resident was being prosecuted in late September of 2017, according to investigators. They contacted the man and met with him, offering to "solve the legal issue." They promised they would help him get milder pre-trial restrictions and guaranteed he would not go to jail during investigation if he paid them 500,000 rubles ($8.5 thousand). The man agreed but immediately turned them in to the police.

He handed the bribe to the lawyer under the supervision of the Russian FSB. The lawyer was caught red-handed when taking the money outside an apartment house on Novo-Kazanskaya Street, Penza, on October 2.

The lawyer and his accessory have been charged with bribery and put to jail. Their names are not disclosed for legal reasons. The investigation continues.



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