Penitentiary Service has no concerns about Mikhail Maksimenko’s wellbeing

Penitentiary Service has no concerns about Mikhail Maksimenko’s wellbeing
Mikhail Maksimenko

Earlier, the Public Monitoring Commission required an urgent hospitalization of the senior ICR officer. The human rights activists claimed that the prisoner lost 15 kg and could hardly walk.

Yet, there is no reason to be worried about the life and health of Mikhail Maksimenko, the Head of the Main Directorate of Interagency Cooperation and Private Security of the Investigative Committee arrested on charges of bribery, the Federal Penitentiary Service told the Interfax.

"Maksimenko’s concerns about his life are groundless", said the source.

They also said the senior investigator was under the constant medical supervision in Lefortovo detention center, equipped with a 24/7 video surveillance system. Besides, Maksimenko is on preventive supervision. They emphasized that the prisoner has the same ration all the other convicts have.

Yesterday the CrimeRussia reported that the Public Monitoring Commission demanded an urgent hospitalization of Mikhail Maksimenko. The human rights activists asked to examine the prisoner to see whether he was exposed to psychotropic drugs. Deputy Chairman of the PMC Moscow Eva Merkacheva said that within the last days "Mr. Maksimenko has lost 15 kilograms, he can hardly walk and looks very unhealthy." She said that after the interrogation, the senior ICR officer has had major sleeping difficulties, hardly had anything to eat or drink fearing they might poison him. Another person involved in the bribery case, the ICR General Denis Nikandrov said that during the interrogation the investigators had given Maksimenko tea with psychotropic drugs.

The three senior investigators: Mikhail Maksimenko, the Head of the Main Directorate of Interagency Cooperation and Private Security of the Investigative Committee, his deputy Aleksandr Lamonov and the first Deputy Head of the Main Department of the ICR in Moscow Denis Nikandrov for a bribe of $ 1 million, were trying to obtain a more lenient verdict and eventually to release Andrey Kochuykov, who had been a crony of the thief Shakro Molodoy (Shakro the Young), but were detained by the FSB.



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