Over 30 million seized from Khakassia Administration Chief  

Over 30 million seized from Khakassia Administration Chief
Vladimir Byzov

The official is suspected of involvement in a gang that stole 195 million rubles during a purchase of medical equipment. Vladimir Byzov has been jailed for two months.

The Khakassia’s Abakan City Court arrested Vladimir Byzov, the Administration Chief, who is accused of bribe-taking.

The official, the retired FSB colonel, was taken to court right after he was arrested and interrogated. Khakassia News Agency said security forces collared Byzov, when he was going to meet someone at the airport.

At the hearing it was said that the searches had revealed that Khakassia head’s chief of staff had had over 30 million rubles, as well as bonds and valuables of undetermined worth.

The official’s defense insisted on the house arrest since Byzov has a heart condition. His lawyer said that Byzov "could die at any given moment." Besides, the defense stated that the detention of the suspect had been unlawful. They say one person’s (name withheld) testimony is not enough to arrest a man, let alone putting him into custody.

The suspect himself had a subdued look in the courtroom. Asking for a house arrest, the official wanted the court to take into account that he had taken part in hostilities and worked in law enforcement. Byzov also said he was a state secret carrier.

Meanwhile, the investigation insisted on custody of the suspect in Minusinsk jail. The prosecutor supported the ICR’s position. Eventually, the court accepted the prosecution. Vladimir Byzov will be held in custody until February 28, 2017.

Let us recall that the Khakassia Head’s Chief of Personnel is suspected of bribery and fraud, committed while being a part of a criminal gang. According to investigators, the OCG consists of eight people. They are accused of embezzling 195 million rubles from the budget during procurement of medical equipment and treatments within a year starting from December 1, 2015 till December 27, 2016 in Abakan. The law enforcement has already detained Inga Meluzova (deputy CEO of Procurement Center unitary enterprise, under the Ministry of Procurement), Svetlana Kozachenko (a Procurement Center Department manager), Aleksandr Giter (founder of Modern Diagnostic Systems), Piotr Kozar (regional manager of P-PHARM, Director of Tal company Dmitry Lashkov and a Rukosuev (its position and role in the OCG is not specified).

Vladimir Byzov, as suggested by consequence, as the Head of the Administration of the Head of the Republic, from June 8 to August 30, 2016 received a bribe for facilitating the fraudsters in the conclusion of public contracts with commercial organizations. For their services official received a bribe in three tranches totaling about 17 million rubles.

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