Origin of currency seized from Zakharchenko will be deduced by US Federal Reserve

Origin of currency seized from Zakharchenko will be deduced by US Federal Reserve

The case of the Acting Head of the Department T GUEBiPK of the Russian MIA Dmitry Zakharchenko continues to gain momentum. Assistance in the investigation to the Russian law enforcement agencies can be provided by the US Federal Reserve.

As part of the investigation of the Colonel Zakharchenko’s case, in whose house during the searches more than 8.5 billion rubles mainly in US dollars were seized, the Russian investigating authorities sent a request for assistance in establishing the origin of the seized currency to the US Federal Reserve. So that FRS does not have doubts about the appropriateness of assistance to the Russian investigation, the request indicates that the initiated criminal case can bring the law enforcement on the track of a major organized crime group which launders and siphons large sums of money abroad.

As Kommersant wrote today, the request was sent through the Central Bank and the Federal Financial Monitoring Service on the next day after the arrest of the MIA Colonel.

Such an experienced specialist in financial crimes as Zakharchenko made a serious mistake by taking charge of the so-called bricks - PE packaging with dollars issued by the banks of the US Federal Reserve.

According to the investigators, packaging par value of $ 200,000 each were not unpacked after being transported from the United States, so on the tapes overtightening  the banknotes bundles the seals of some of the 12 US banks of the Federal Reserve preserved. In particular, the publication mentions the seal of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

And these seals will help to easily figure out which of the Russian banks and when ordered cash dollars, which also will be able to shed light on the financial machinations of its keeper who was arrested by the Presnensky Court of Moscow for two months.

According to the investigators, the recipient of such a large amount of cash could be only a big financial institution which, after transfer to a correspondent account in the United States of non-cash funds, requested it back in cash equivalent.

The next stage of the investigation after receiving a response from the United States will become seizure of documents from the recipient bank and finding out who were the customers who have bought $ 120 million – later found in the apartment of Zakharchenko’s sister – for  cash rubles from it, said the source to the publication.

Kommersant notes that the response from the US Federal Reserve experts can be expected in the coming days.

Earlier, it was reported that money found in Zakharchenko’s sister’s apartment were taken in custody from the management of Nota-Bank in the balance of which hole in amount of 26 billion rubles was found.



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