One of Zenit-Arena’s general contractor leaders suspected of abuse of power

One of Zenit-Arena’s general contractor leaders suspected of abuse of power

Metrostroy top-manager Nikolay Kaznin is accused of abuse of office.

Today, officers of the FSB Economic Security Service department in St. Petersburg and the region searched the house of a Metrostroy top manager Nikolay Kaznin. According to Fontanka, Kaznin, being the deputy of Vladimir Harenkov — the right hand of the company’s head and owner, Vadim Alexandrov — oversaw the removal of soil from the constructed metro stations.

The abuse of power case has been initiated against Kaznin in connection these activities (Art. 285 of the Criminal Code). The ICR department in St. Petersburg believes that Kaznin is involved in the scam of appointing a higher hazard category for the soil for the purpose of exporting it to illegal landfills located near St. Petersburg. For instance, instead of the 5th category (essentially non-hazardous) he indicated the 4th category (low hazard), or even 3rd (moderately hazardous). In addition to the potential impact on the environment, the categories also differ in the cost of disposal. Moreover, the soil was transported not to the landfill located 90 km from the city, but to the one not farther than 30 km. At the same time, according to the documents, the soil was delivered to the official landfills, in accordance with the hazard class.

After the searches, FSB officers brought Kaznin to the building of the Investigative Committee, where he would probably be detained after questioning, the media outlet reported.

Earlier, in another case, which concerns the removal of utilities from Metrostroy construction sites, law enforcers arrested the owner of the Petrostroy subcontractor company, Dmitry Ilchenko.

This August, Metrostroy won a tender for the completion of the Krestovsky stadium (the new home arena of the FC Zenit) and the landscaping and public amenities. For this purpose the company is to receive about 8 billion rubles from the state budget.



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