One of suspects in Shakro Molodoy’s case to undergo polygraph examination

One of suspects in Shakro Molodoy’s case to undergo polygraph examination
Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy)

The FSB has сommissioned an expert assessment for the former ICR Internal Security Department officer.

Security officials intend to find out whether the moment of transferring a bribe from the thief in law Shakro Molodoy to the Deputy Head of ICR Internal Security Department Aleksandr Lamonov has stuck in the suspect’s memory. This has been reported by RIA Novosti citing a source. Let us recall that the money had been intended for the release of Andrey Kochuykov, nicknamed Italian, from detention.

The news agency reports that a certain employee of the ICR Internal Security Department named Denis may be involved. The investigators have evidence linking him to the corrupt activities of the arrested ICR officers. “In his testimony as a witness, he has elaborated on the circumstances of his communication with Maksimenko, Lamonov, and Surzhikov,” the source told. 

The witness had introduced Lamonov to the former Colonel of the MIA Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime Evgeny Surzhikov, who was trying to get a job in the Investigative Committee of Russia. During the shootout outside of Elements restaurant, Surzhikov participated in the conflict on the part of Shakro Molodoy’s associates as the chief officer of a private security company. He met Lamonov in late December 2015, offering him to resolve the issue of Italian in exchange for cash consideration. In July, Surzhikov was arrested on charges of extorting 8 million rubles from the owner of Elements restaurant Joanna Kim. He is currently kept in custody.

Let us recall that information on the application of psychotropic substances to Maksimenko came to light a month ago. His health rapidly deteriorated after he had been taken for questioning by the FSB. According to another case defendant, the former Deputy Head of the ICR Main Directorate in Moscow Denis Nikandrov, there Maksimenko had been offered tea with drugs, after which he did not recognize anyone and did not remember his name. In addition, Maksimenko became vigilant about the food served in the Lefortovo pre-trial detention center. Following this, members of the Public Monitoring Commission demanded urgent hospitalization of the prisoner and examination on the subject of narcotic or psychotropic substances content in the body. A few days later, Maksimenko was transferred to the Butyrka prison’s psychiatric hospital. The Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia stated that no unacceptable enforcement measures have been exerted on Maksimenko.



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