Omsk region: MIA ex-Deputy Head acquitted, then jailed for 4 years

Omsk region: MIA ex-Deputy Head acquitted, then jailed for 4 years
Sergey Klevakin

Investigators have proof that Sergey Klevakin took a bribe of 4 million rubles.

Sergey Klevakin, the former Deputy Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Omsk region, has been sentenced to 4 years in prison. The Omsk’s Oktyabrsky District Court found him guilty of Bribe-Taking (Art. 290 of the Criminal Code).

As we’ve told you before, that same court had acquitted the police officer in March 2016. The verdict shook the nation at the time and was even shocking for the prosecution. Klevakin was released right in the courtroom, yet in June 2016 the public prosecutor appealed for the acquittal to be canceled, which then was done by the judicial board on criminal cases of the Omsk Regional Court.

This time, the investigators were able to prove that Sergey Klevakin had received 4 million rubles for ensuring RBT Service wins a few auctions to purchase administrative accommodation for employees.

However, the penalty was still too lenient. The prosecution demanded the senior policeman should get 12 years of penal colony and a fine of 280 million rubles. Yet, the court ruled the accused would only be jailed for 4 years. Besides, he had to pay a fine of 500 thousand rubles.



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