Deputy Head of Penitentiary Service has new accomplice

Deputy Head of Penitentiary Service has new accomplice
Oleg Korshunov

It was the Head of Penitentiary Service's prison dept, Alexey Danilov.

In the criminal case against Deputy Head of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia (FSIN) Oleg Korshunov, another accused, Head of the prison department Alexey Danilov appeared. According to Kommersant, Danilov, the Colonel of Internal Service, heads the department of auto armored vehicles, water crafts and fuels, which among other things monitors the activities of agencies in the field of placing orders for the supply of fuel and lubrication materials in accordance with the current legislation, and their accounting, storage (savings) in warehouses and divisions.

Oleg Korshunov is charged with embezzlement of 160 million rubles ($2.7m) when concluding state contracts at inflated prices. He was arrested on September 14. He was followed by entrepreneur Marina Dyukova, who, according to the investigation, participated in embezzlement committed during performance of the contract for the supply of food. At least one other businessman connected with the FSIN is put on the wanted list.

The FSIN conducted internal audit, during which multiple violations in the work of employees were found. After the audit, many officials who held senior positions were dismissed or brought to disciplinary responsibility. Among them was Oleg Korshunov himself, who personally submitted a report on his resignation.



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