Official who obstructed apartment building construction convicted in Bashkiria

Official who obstructed apartment building construction convicted in Bashkiria

In Bashkiria, the court has convicted former 48-year-old deputy head of the Iglinsky district.

The official has been found guilty of obstruction of business, namely, obstruction of residential house construction.

According to the press service of the Bashkortostan Prosecutor's Office, during the investigation and subsequent trial it was found that the deputy head of the Iglinsky District Administration had actively prevented the construction of an apartment building, as well as a household goods storage in the district center.

The case file reveals that in August 2016, the accused sent a notice to the construction site, stating that the construction permit was canceled. Moreover, he ordered his driver to block access to the construction area. As a result, his actions caused the official developer the material damage amounting to 4.8 million rubles and 350 thousand rubles, respectively. 

In addition, the investigators found that in 2013, the company owned by the said official, namely Teploenergetik LLC, was conducting repair work on the heating pipes in Kudeevsky village. Violating the terms of a municipal contract, the company replaced the building materials specified in the documentation with cheaper materials. As a result of these actions, the customer has suffered damage exceeding 840 thousand rubles. To conceal his shenanigans, the official has drawn up a fake acceptance certificate and a supplementary agreement, under which his company would be exempt from liability.

A criminal case against the former official has been initiated under as much as four Articles of the Russian Criminal Code, including Swindling, Forgery of an Official Document, Obstruction of Legal Business or Other Activity and Abuse of Official Powers. 

Having considered all investigation materials, the Iglinsky District Court has found the former official guilty and sentenced him to 2 years and 1 month of imprisonment with a 1-year probation period. The verdict has yet to come in force and may be appealed.



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