Official detained for swindling in Southern Urals

Official detained for swindling in Southern Urals
Dmitry Kuvaev

According to the investigation, Ozersk Head of Capital Construction Department Dmitry Kuvaev used to receive wages of the so-called ghost employees.

In Ozersk, Southern Urals, the police have detained Head of Capital Construction Department Municipal Government Institution Dmitry Kuvaev, reports. A criminal case under Swindling (part 3 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code) has been initiated, and a preventive measure is being elected for him.

According to the investigation, using his official position, Kuvaev arranged for fake employment of his relative and received his wages, which he transferred to his wife's account. Thus, the official managed to embezzle more than 150 thousand rubles ($2,661).

Kuvaev claims that it was the institution’s chief accountant who invented and organized the ghost employees scheme, FederalPress reports. Allegedly, the official knew nothing about the fraud. The Ozersk Mayor's Office noted that Kuvaev's work never caused any claims. The city administration is interested in an “objective and comprehensive” investigation of the case.

Dmitry Kuvaev was appointed to the post of head of the Ozersk Capital Construction Department in July 2014. Prior to that, he ran a private construction firm.



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