Novosibirsk ex-police chief bribed with lunches

Novosibirsk ex-police chief bribed with lunches
Alexander Graschenkov Photo: A still from the video

Alexander Graschenkov, as suggested by the investigation, covered local businesspeople.

Novosibirsk saw the former Head of police station No. 5 Dzerzhinsky, Alexander Graschenkov, being detained for bribes, reports local media.

According to some reports, Graschenkov was the ‘roof’ of local businessmen and received bribes in the form of lunches for it.

According to Precedent, entrepreneurs rented plots in several streets, but violated the permissible standards for space. The Head of the police station, according to the investigators, turned a blind eye to this and did not pass the data on violations to the Rosreestr. In exchange, the police officer has been eating at businessmen’s establishments for free for three years.

Investigators calculated that he spent almost 200 thousand rubles ($3 thousand) on lunches in Berezka cafe.

Portal Taiga.Info clarifies that earlier Graschenkov was tried for fictitious registration of a migrant and abuse of official powers. Then he paid a fine and it was after this case that he was dismissed from the bodies. Now the ex-security officials faces up to 12 years in prison.



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