Nine criminal corruption cases against five traffic policemen were initiated in Tver

Nine criminal corruption cases against five traffic policemen were initiated in Tver

The Tver drivers will pay less illegal fines to inspectors abusing their authority: the Zavolzhsky Interdistrict Investigation Department of Tver initiated nine criminal cases against five traffic policemen of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of MIA in the Tver Region.

The Regional Department of the Russian Investigative Committee has informed the PaSMI title.

The inspectors of the traffic police (in addition to them, a case against a traffic police officer from the Rzhev department was also initiated) operated according to a standard scheme, well-known to every motorist. After stopping the driver under the guise of traffic violations or to check the documents, they took money for the withdrawal of responsibility.

The illegal activities of the traffic policemen was not spontaneous, it was organized by the local branch of the superior inspector of the regional State Traffic Safety Inspectorate on execution of administrative law (IAZ). He has also amended the database of fines upon their fictitious payment. To date, fraud amounting to more than 90 thousand rubles has been revealed.

Five MIA officers are suspected of crimes under p. 1 of Art. 286, p. 3 of Art. 290, p. 3 of Art. 291, p. 4 of Art. 33, p. 1 of Article 286, p. 5 of Art. 33, p. 3 of Art. 291 of the Russian Criminal Code (abuse of power, taking bribes for the commission of deliberately illegal omission to act, bribery for committing knowingly illegal inactivity, abetting official of acts clearly beyond his powers, complicity in bribery to the official).

As the Investigative Committee noted, all the persons under investigation confess.



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