Nikita Belykh was set up by his ex-partner

Nikita Belykh was set up by his ex-partner

The money, Nikita Belykh received before the detention, was a third part of a bribe estimated at 400 thousands euros, as the investigation states. An entrepreneur, who personally knew the governor, gave his comments to Vlast magazine.

According to the businessman, all head of regions are collecting money for two main purposes: implementation of massive non-budget projects in regions and elections as main criteria for evaluation of governors’ activities, because it is difficult to hold proper elections funded by official election fund. However, the entrepreneur believes, that Nikita Belykh hardly knew that the money would appear on the meeting. His partner Albert Laritsky, who by that time had already been under investigation for a year, cooperated with the investigators and set Belykh up, says the businessman.

Another governor of the Kirovsk Region reminded that at the initiative of Belykh the Fund for Support of initiatives of a Kirov Region’s governor was created. The purpose of this fund was financing projects for which there were no money in the budget,  for example restoration of parks, temples and monuments.

On June 24 Kirov’s governor Nikita Belykh was detained by the Federal Security Service’s officers red-handed, while receiving another tranche of a 400 thousands euros bribe. A criminal case under art. 290 para. 6 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation was initiated against him. According to the investigation, the governor received the money for conducting activities in favor of the briber – Lesokhozyastvennaya Upravlyayushchaya Companiya (Forestry Management Company) and Novovyatsky Lyzhny Kombinat (Novovyatsky Ski Industrial Center). Supposedly, Belykh was to protect implementation of these companies’ projects. At the moment, investigative activities are being conducted against Belykh, who is currently in custody. 



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