Nikita Belykh’s wife wishes her husband happy birthday through glass in jail

Nikita Belykh’s wife wishes her husband happy birthday through glass in jail
Nikita Belykh and Ekaterina Belykh, nee Reyfert Photo: Facebook

The former Kirov region governor convicted of bribery turned 43 on June 13.

His wife was allowed a short visit on her husband’s birthday. However, she had to wish him a happy birthday through a visitation booth glass, TASS quoted Ivan Melnikov, the Moscow Public Monitoring Committee secretary, as saying.

“Today, my colleagues asked me what kind of a birthday gift I had for my husband. However, it is not like I could give him a present in the normal sense. There is not much that can make you happy in prison. What could I bring for him, aside from the food that is on the jail list of permitted food items? Cigars maybe. However, I had been sending them before anyway. (I could bring) photos, letters, (our) children’s drawings, friends’ wishes. I wish my husband freedom and happiness,” Ekaterina Belykh wrote on her Facebook page on June 13.

Public Monitoring Committee members visited Nikita Belykh on the evening of June 15. He told them his health detonated, complaining about not being able to get an orthopedic mattress despite having back pain. Nikita Belykh is worried about his upcoming trip to prison, according to Melnikov. Nikita Belykh reminded that he had suffered multiple hypertensive emergencies when escorted to court hearings. This is why he wants a doctor to accompany him during his journey. Moreover, Nikita Belykh hopes he will be able to work as the prison librarian, or in prison finances, according to Melnikov. Nikita Belykh said that is because he has a necessary education and wants to be useful, not because of his health issues.

Nikita Belykh is likely to go to prison in the same region where he held office, a Federal Penitentiary Service source said earlier. The spouses opposed the decision due to a number of reasons, primarily due to not lack of qualified doctors Nikita Belykh needs.

Let us remind you that the Presnensky District Court of Moscow sentenced Nikita Belykh to 8 years in high-security prison, acquitting him of one of the two counts of bribery he had been charged with. It also fined him for 48 million rubles ($766 thousand). It convicted him of taking €400 thousand worth of bribes from Yury Zudkhaymer, the owner of Novovyatsky Lyzhny Kombinat and UK Leskhoz, personally and through middlemen from 2014 to 2016. Nikita Belykh was acquitted of one of the counts of bribery he had been charged with, namely of taking a bribe from Albert Laritsky, a former Novovyatsky Lyzhny Kombinat owner, in 2012. Nikita Belykh pleaded not guilty.

The Moscow City Court dismissed Nikita Belykh’s appeal claim on May 10. The decision to bar him from holding state and municipal offices for three years was canceled. The rest of the sentence remained unchanged.



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