Nikita Belykh reveals detention details

Nikita Belykh reveals detention details
Nikita Belykh

According to the ex-Governor, he did not receive any money from Juri Sudheimer. One could see no money in the gift bag the businessman handed him.

Former Governor of the Kirov region spoke of his meeting with the German businessman Juri Sudheimer when interrogated in the Presnensky court, Mediazona reported.

According to Belykh, at the meeting on June 24, 2016 in the Moscow hotel Lotte Plaza, Sudheimer wished him a happy birthday and gave him a red paper gift bag with a bottle of wine and a "little something." Belykh took the bag by the handles and put it next to the table. "No bills were sticking out," the ex-official stressed.

Belykh also noted that he never opens gifts if he is given alcohol because he does not drink. According to him, he only touched the bag itself and the handles, but not the money inside. Sudheimer said nothing about the money to the ex-governor; nor had they had an agreement that the businessman would bring money to the meeting.

Money was indeed the subject of the conversation between the ex-Governor and Sudheimer, but they were talking about charity, monument restoration and elections. Belykh added that he had never discussed investing for other purposes with Sudheimer.

When operatives arrived at the hotel, Belykh thought they came to detain Sudheimer, who "had brought money to the meeting for some reason."

Nikita Belykh was detained in the summer of 2016. He is accused of receiving $600.000 as bribes from businesspeople. Belykh denies the charges, saying the money was used for improvement works and the election campaign.



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