Nikita Belykh confirmed his intention to marry in prison

Nikita Belykh confirmed his intention to marry in prison
Nikita Belykh and Ekaterina Reyfert

Former Governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh, who is currently in the detention center on charges of bribe-taking, has confirmed his intention to tie the knot for the second time.

According to the members of the Moscow Public Monitoring Commission, who have visited the ex-Governor in prison, the wedding ceremony with 30-year-old Ekaterina Reyfert is to be held in the Lefortovo detention center.

"I'm going to marry, it is serious; I had expressed my will, and prison administration has approved it. The bride, too, has expressed her will," Belykh told to PMC members, noting that the investigation does not object to the wedding, nor does the Lefortovo administration see this as a problem.

The first information about the wedding between the former Governor of the Kirov region, who had been arrested on suspicion of bribe-taking, and poetess Ekaterina Reyfert within the precincts of the detention center emerged back in July, a month after Belykh's arrest. The ex-Governor, a father of three children from his first marriage, met the girl in Facebook in spring.

Investigation's official permission for the detainee's marriage was granted on August 10. As previously reported, it had been planned to hold the wedding on a particular date, namely, August 27, but then Belykh was denied by the investigation.

According to Chairwoman of the Moscow Public Monitoring Commission Eva Merkacheva, the main reason for canceling the marriage was the fact that, at the time, Belykh had not officially divorced his first wife.

Let us recall that the former Governor of the Kirov region was caught red-handed when taking a bribe on June 24 at a Moscow restaurant. The total amount of the bribe, during the transfer of the last tranche of which Belykh was detained, is 400 thousand euros. Shortly after the court-appointed arrest, Belykh was dismissed by Russian President in connection with the loss of confidence.



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