Nikita Belykh claims to not have seen investigator for 2 weeks

Nikita Belykh claims to not have seen investigator for 2 weeks
Nikita Belykh

In an interview with Novaya Gazeta, the Kirov governor told about his life in Lefortovo Prison.

Kirov Region governor Nikita Belykh have not seen an investigator for 2 weeks, since he was placed in Leforotovo Prison. Nonetheless, Belykh stressed that he was ready to cooperate with the investigation, and would not hide anything, Novaya Gazeta wrote.

"I know that the investigation carried out searches, but I'm sure they did not find anything. If they did, this would have been all over the news. I do not have anything. I have not repaired my office, have not change the furniture, built nothing in my residence – everything is the same as on the day I had moved in there 8 years ago. I have not done anything for myself," - Belykh said.

The governor does not have a TV in his prison cell, and the radio plays only music. He cannot learn the news, so he is reading books, and even they are rarely given to him. In addition, he met with Deputy Head of the detention center on regime, to tell how the prison conditions could be improved to provide prisoners with daily graft.

Belykh still stays on hunger strike, demanding a meeting with his brother and wife.

Regarding his possible dismissal from the post of governor, Belykh said he was sure this was a matter of time, and in the near future, a new governor would be appointed in the Kirov Region. He cannot write an open letter to the residents because of the secrecy of investigation. Earlier, Belykh said his criminal case is not a political one.

Previously, Nikita Belykh was accused of Bribe-taking on an especially large scale (Part 6 of Art. 290 of the Russian Criminal Code). Investigators believed that the governor received a bribe of 400 thousand Euro. On June 25, Belykh was arrested. The day before, the defense failed to challenge his arrest. The court ruled that Belykh would be held in custody until August 24. Then, this period may be extended



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