Nikandrov’s incarceration conditions mitigated by thicker mattress

Nikandrov’s incarceration conditions mitigated by thicker mattress
Denis Nikandrov

The administration of Lefortovo partially granted the request of the General Denis Nikandrov who complained Bastrykin about his incarceration conditions.

The Deputy Head of the Main Investigation Department of Moscow Denis Nikandrov accused of receiving a large bribe got a new mattress, a TV and a refrigerator. About the difficulties he faced in prison, he complained in the letter on July 25 to the Head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin. In particular, the prisoner complained that he saw sunlight only 1 hour per day, and the lighting in his cell was so poor that it provoked the deterioration of his eyesight. Now, according to Nikandrov, he has 12 diopters and soon he will go blind. He is mistreated: due to the fact that he was late with the application, he did not get hot water, and the convoy which was bringing him to the court behaved in a boorish way, said Nikandrov.

In the investigator’s opinion, his past achievements allow him to be in the room with at least a TV, a fridge and a mattress through which the metal parts of the bunk do not protrude and on which it would be possible to sleep. Nikandrov also mentions the legal rights to visit his family and opportunity to wash more than 1 time per week. The conditions in the detention center he compares with the torture.

"I urge you, Alexander Ivanovich, to take control over the conditions of your generals and officers in the detention center", wrote Nikandrov to Bastrykin. Especially since, according to Nikandrov, the criminal case against him is the result of the conflict between the management of the Department M of the FSB and the ICR Internal Affairs Directorate. So it should be taken from the FSB and passed to the ICR for investigation.

It is known that the Head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin did not respond to the letter. But in response to the corresponding appeal to the management of the detention center №1, which Nikandrov sent at the same time, the measures were taken immediately. As one of the defenders of the accused told Business FM, the mattress was replaced and the remaining conditions are no different from the rest.

As the member of the Public Oversight Commission of Moscow, the journalist of Moskovsky Komsomolets Eva Merkacheva, who visited the detention center, said previously, Nikandrov really complained about the mattress. However, he pointed out that he understood that he was not in a sanatorium, not in a hotel, but in jail. Now, according to Merkacheva, the living conditions of the accused got better: Nikandrova got his personal belongings, a working TV and a fridge. Free time, which he has now well enough, Nikandrov spends reading a book called Shantaram by the Australian author Gregory David Roberts. It tells the story of the life of the prisoners in Indian jails, in comparison with which, according to the human rights activist, the conditions in the Lefortovo will seem to Nikandrov a paradise.

The same book, by the way, was read by the former Head of one of Russia's largest construction companies Mirax Sergey Polonsky, when he was in a Cambodian prison. He believed in its mystical properties, which will allow him to escape as soon as he finished it to the end. Then, by the way, it happened - he managed to get out of the Cambodian prison, but only for to find himself in the Russian one.

Previously it was also reported that Nikandrov, thanks to his cellmate, became interested in yoga and healthy food.



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