New version why Nikita Belykh took 400.000 euro

New version why Nikita Belykh took 400.000 euro
Nikita Belykh

According to the latest version, mentioned by the Kirov Governor himself, he collected money to prepare for the elections to the State Duma.

Nikita Belykh received 400 thousand EUR, found during the detention of the ex-Governor of the Kirov Region, for the purpose of improving the city's infrastructure ahead of the elections to the State Duma, Kommersant reported.

On July 1, Novaya Gazeta published a dialogue between Belykh and the Head of the Novovyatskiy Ski Factory, Yuri Zyudhaymer, in which they discussed the reconstruction of the regional churches. The businessman complained that priests were stealing money intended for the repair of churches. To this the governor replied that it was for this reason that he personally oversaw the restoration of cathedrals.

Since his arrest, Belykh sticks to the version that he took the money for the needs of the city. In his comment on these statements, the Head of Kirov Vladimir Bykov confirmed that the ex-Governor had met local entrepreneurs and encouraged them to invest in the regional projects. Among them, Bykov named the restoration of the Saviour Cathedral, the historic city part of the city and the facades, as well as the installation of new monuments. However, he noted that the city administration had not received any funds.

The dean of the Savior Cathedral, a priest Pyotr Mashkovtsev has also expressed his opinion about the matter. He said that a special fund was established to keep money for the restoration of the temples, which was replenished by cashless transfers without the participation of the governor.

On June 24, Nikita Belykh was caught red-handed in Moscow while taking a bribe of 400 thousand euros. Investigators believe that the Governor received this money in exchange for protection to the affiliated structures, Novovyatskiy Ski Factory and Lesokhozyaistvennaya Upravlyayuschaya Kompaniya (Forest Management Company).

The court sanctioned the arrest of the ex-Governor for two months, then extended it up to December 24. On July 28, the Russian President Vladimir Putin ousted Nikita Belykh from the office due to loss of confidence.



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