New restrictions imposed on Yamalo-Nenets district officials

New restrictions imposed on Yamalo-Nenets district officials

Now, local officials can not receive gifts, work with close relatives and so on.⁠

The Prosecutor's Office initiated the adoption of a new resolution, according to which a number of restrictions are imposed on the Yamal officials. This is reported on the website of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation.

In 2016 the Prosecutor's Office and law enforcement agencies revealed that in 18 municipalities there were 18 thefts of budget funds. The agencies that work in the field of sports, culture, health, education and social protection fell for audit.

Basically, money was cashed through illegal bonuses, compensation, through fictitious employment, the conclusion of false contracts. It was also found out that these institutions hired relatives, who were subordinate to each other. In addition, some senior positions were occupied by people with false diplomas, or with inadequate qualifications.

According to the new resolution, officials should not engage in business activities, participate in the management of commercial and non-profit organizations, engage in other paid activities without the written permission of the employer, receive gifts in connection with the performance of their duties, use the institution's resources for personal purposes, relationship with subordinate (controlled) persons.

In addition, these persons are responsible for notifying the employer of a tendency to commit corrupt offenses, as well as the emergence of a conflict of interest or the possibility of its occurrence.



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