New Gaizer's case defendant can probably have relation to Renova case

New Gaizer's case defendant can probably have relation to Renova case
Oleg Ryabinin

The former regional official of the Tariff Service is accused of bribe-taking in exchange for actions in favor of Vekselberg energy companies.

Three Republic of Komi Tariff Service officers received unofficial salary for four years from the former Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic Konstantin Romadanov, which are considered as bribes. The regional Prosecutor’s Office confirmed information about the initiation of the criminal case, Kommersant reported. The edition suggested that these payments might be linked to the lobbying interests of power companies, which sought increase of tariffs for electricity and heat with a bribe-giving to Komi senior officials. Recall, the co-owner and Managing Director of Renova company Evgeny Olkhovik and the Head of T plus Boris Vainzikher are accused of bribe-giving.

According to investigators, from 2011 to 2015 the Deputy Head of the Tariff Service Oksana Isachenko (allowances for the entire period amounted to 765 thousand rubles), the assistant Oleg Ryabinin (almost 2 million) and the Head of the Department of regulation of tariffs for heat and electricity Andrey Tropin (810 thousand rubles) got paid cash bonuses. All three were dismissed. The audit revealed a violation of the prohibition of remuneration, as well as the concealment of information about income. Against Oleg Ryabinin a criminal case was initiated under Article Bribe-Taking on an especially large-scale (part 6, Art. 290 of the Criminal Code). Now he is taken into custody.

It is known that testimonies against the officials have already been given by the arrested persons involved in the case of the former Head of Komi Vyacheslav Gaizer. He, along with his predecessor Vladimir Torlopov, is accused of Organizing or Participation in a Criminal Association (Art. 210 of the Criminal Code) created for Swindling (Art. 159 of the Criminal Code) of state property in Komi and the withdrawal of assets abroad. Also, defendants in this case are the Deputy Alexei Chernov, the Speaker of the State Council of the Republic Igor Kovzel, the Deputy Prime Minister Konstantin Romadanov, the former Komi Senator Evgeny Samoylov and a number of businessmen. Romadanov concluding pre-trial agreement pleaded himself the treasurer of the Gaizer’s OCG and talked about new circumstances of the case. After that the former Head of the regional Tariff Service Ilya Pervakov was arrested. According to the former Deputy Prime Minister, he helped Pervakov to pay off a townhouse in Syktyvkar contributing 6 million rubles. Pervakov, in turn, said that he conveyed to his subordinates, Ryabinin, Isachenko and Tropin, cash bonuses from Romadanova on a monthly basis.



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