New fraud episodes in case of wanted ex-Vladikavkaz mayor

New fraud episodes in case of wanted ex-Vladikavkaz mayor
Sergey Dzantiev

The Russian MIA and FSB offices in the North Ossetia have revealed two new episodes of former Mayor of Vladikavkaz Sergey Dzantiev's llegal activities.

This is reported by the press service of the regional MIA Main Directorate.

According to the agency, the investigation has established the abuse of official powers by Dzantiev in 2009. Back then, the mayor asked a local entrepreneur to provide non-residential premises worth 6 million rubles ($103.1 thousand), promising to pay the amount after registration of a sale contract. At the same time, the ownership was registered in the name of Dzantiev’s authorized representative. The former mayor never paid the money.

The second episode concerns a construction company, which was promised to pay 6.5 million rubles ($111.7 thousand) in mutual payment. However, the company never received the money either. The investigation estimated the damage from these actions of the ex-official at 12 million rubles ($206.3 thousand). Two criminal cases have been initiated against Dzantiev under part 4 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code (Swindling).

To recall, in July, former Mayor of Vladikavkaz Sergey Dzantiev became a defendant in a criminal case of 75-million-ruble swindling ($1.28 million), initiated under part 2 of Art. 286 (Abuse of official powers). According to the investigation, the money had been illegally transferred from the budget to the construction organization for the construction of engineering infrastructure and urban landscaping on land leased from the city.

In late 2016, a criminal case under Art. 160 (Embezzlement or misappropriation) was initiated against Dzantiev. He was arrested in absentia and declared internationally wanted. Approximately six months before the initiation of the first criminal case, Dzantiev prematurely left his post, although he had had to hold it for 4 more years under the contract, and disappeared.



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