New defendant as substitute for deceased Rosсosmos top manager

New defendant as substitute for deceased Rosсosmos top manager
Vladimir Evdokimov

Witness in the case of embezzlement in MiG Russian Aircraft Corporation has become a suspect⁠.

In Moscow, former deputy director general for economics and finance of the Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG Sergey Mamaev is arrested. Earlier, he was a witness in the case of fraud with the supply of RAC MiG equipment. However, on April 5, the investigator of the ICR appealed to the Basmanny District Court of Moscow with a request to conclude a 55-year-old specialist in custody. The court granted the petition. As a result, the suspect in the theft of on an especially large scale committed by an organized group (part 4, Article 159 of the Criminal Code) will remain in custody until May 30.

According to the investigation, he was the one, who evaluated the helicopter parts stored in MiG warehouses that were sold between 2007 and 2009 with the help of one of the companies co-owned by Vladimir Evdokimov. At that time he held the post of deputy director of the department of United Aircraft Corporation JSC.

On December 1, 2016, the executive director of Roscosmos, Vladimir Evdokimov, was arrested as part of an investigation into the theft of 400 million rubles ($7m). In this case, according to his defense, all the spare parts the Evdokimov's company received within the netting for the debt and their value did not exceed 30 million rubles ($526.000).

On the night of March 18, his body with three stab wounds was found in the toilet of a cell, where he was kept with other prisoners. The official conclusion about whether there was murder or suicide, is still not leaped. According to the source of Kommersant, the ICR is still inclined to the version about the violent death of the figurant. As they believe, this was in no way connected with his criminal case. Perhaps, the inmates tried to extort money from him and overdo it.

Some of the defendants in the case are ex-director of the Scientific and Technical Center СJSC Alexander Zolin, former general director of MiG-Rost (subsidiary of the RAC MiG, liquidated in 2012) Alexey Ozerov, ex-general director of Helicopter Service Company OJSC Akim Noskov. Visiting them, a member of the PMC, Pavel Pyatnitsky, said that none of the prisoners expressed fears for their life.



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