New case against former Chuvash Republic prison deputy warden

New case against former Chuvash Republic prison deputy warden

A criminal case against the former deputy warden of the Prison No. 3 in Novocheboksarsk has been opened in the Chuvash Republic.

The former prison employee sold mobile phones to inmates and took large bribes, according to the Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Region. The Department learned more about the former prison employee’s illegal activities. He would take bribes for allowing people snucking mobile phones into the prison and later sell those phones to inmates, as it turned out.

The perpetrator received the total of 167 thousand rubles for his ‘assistance’ in equipping inmates with mobile phones, according to the investigation. He helped to sell 146 phones and 50 chargers in the prison. The former employee blackmailed one inmate into helping him by claiming he had materials compromising the inmate (that he did not actually have).

Moreover, the former deputy warden filled work documentation with false data, according to the investigation. For example, he did not report on a fight between 2 inmates that resulted in injury to an eye of one of them; the perpetrator persuaded the injured inmate to claim he got injured due to falling down in his explanatory report. The former deputy warder promised to release him on parole if he did as asked.

The perpetrator was dismissed while his superiors were severely reprimanded once his offenses were discovered. A criminal case was opened against the former deputy warden. He was arrested and sent to pre-trial detention facility.



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