Nemesis hunting corrupt police officers

Nemesis hunting corrupt police officers
Raisa Erkova

The former Colonel of the Federal Migration Service (FMS) Raisa Erkova exposes systemic corruption among the generals.

This grandiose swindle began in 2009 when the order of the government No. 1638-r created the Federal state unitary enterprise "Passport and Visa Service". Then billions of unaccounted cash rubles began to flow in pockets of the high-ranking staff of the FMS of Russia. And where there is so much "under-the-counter cash", there for sure would be a “thief within the law” with his criminal army. As they say, on accidental coincidence, the end to swindle came in 2016, when the Head of the FMS the General Konstantin Romodanovsky was dismissed, and the migratory service was transferred in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Romodanovsky was seemingly unexpectedly dismissed from a high post of the chief of a federal department - it seldom happens, without offering a status position in a quiet place. He informed persons from the FMS told us that this resignation is allegedly connected with operational information about close and business contacts of the thief in law Shakro with a number of heads of the FMS.

40 thousands Georgian agents of FSB

For the first time Colonel Raisa Erkova faced provocatively impudent and large-scale corruption in migratory service shortly before a release of this government order No. 1638-r. Then she held a position of the chief of the Center of execution of invitations for foreign citizens by legal entities (CEIFCLE). In this center entry visas to Russia were given to hundreds of thousands of guest workers. Also criminal leaders tried to drag their people through Erkova's department.

– At the end of 2008, - told Erkova in interview to Sovershenno Sekretno, - I received lists of persons receiving entrance visas, where there were about twenty thousand citizens of Georgia. It was brought by FSB officers, they told that all these citizens – from their agency. I asked: “Guys, I understand everything  - agents, confidential employees and so on. But how many of those agents could there be – ten people, well twenty, but not thousands?!”

Erkova prepared a reference for the administration where, in particular, it was told: “During the check the following organizations were discovered – LLC Tig, Tushe, Topaz, Falkon, Falkone, Mark-05, which specialized in inviting citizens from Georgia. These organizations are registered and arrange invitations according to the letters of interested persons from Administration of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation in Moscow and the Moscow Region. Whereas, one organization is smoothly reorganized in another. During the check they issued 40 thousand invitations.”

Thus, the Colonel Erkova then did not let in Russia twenty thousands compatriots of Shakro Molodoy, despite generous promises. Soon her obstinate integrity backfired. The corrupted administration revenged, as usual, in official sophisticated way. In May 2008 an order No. 122 “On organizational and staff questions of FMS of Russia” was issued. It liquidated the CEIFCLE “for the purpose of optimization” and dismissed the most part of officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs “on staff reduction”. This order has not contained any official links to the legislation of the Russian Federation. Since then Erkova, convinced that the order No. 122 was issued "for the purpose of release from decent professionals and in defiance of requirements of the legislation" conducts unsuccessful fight for her violated rights.

Meanwhile, thousands semi-criminal firms occurred in Russia. They were “assisting” just created the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Pasportno-vizovy service. Besides, foreign and all-civil passport of the Russian Federation, these firms were making permissions to a temporary residence and to use of foreigners as a labor power, visa permissions to foreign citizens and different references. Flows of dirty cash fell then upon FMS and the criminal businessmen who stuck to it.

Migratory “interest” of officials and criminals

– In my opinion, main and undercover task of the FMS was in creating certain conditions of collection of shadow means, - another former FMS employee Konstantin Poltoranin told in an interview to Sovershenno Sekretno. – Only about five thousands employees are directly engaged in migratory control in Russia. While in Moscow and in the Moscow Region, through which a third of a general migration flow passes, less than one thousand people serve! Of course, they cannot control migration flow and they do not. But such number of employees of FMS is quite enough to collect shadow means, and the structure copes well with this mission. According to some experts, about 10 billion dollars accustom annually!


Counterfeits of signatures of the Minister of Internal Affairs Rashid Nurgaliyev and the Acting Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev became blatant evidence of crimes.

Poltoranin, the former spokesman of the General Romodanovsky, had noticed long ago that representatives of major banks and suspicious businesspersons are constantly surrounding his chief. “Put one of the realtives, wife, brother, friend…” – General taught his young colleague how to create intermediary firms. Poltoranin said that he understood everything, respected business, but “it is a very nasty thing that will backfire to all of the slave traders sooner or later."

After this relations between the spokesman and the general were “cut off”.

According to former spokesman of the FMS, some heads of territorial administrations were engaged in mediation. Regularly, on a certain day, they brought to higher chiefs money part of which could have gone for charity. For example, Romodanovsky patronized hockey club of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. As Poltoranin assumes, one of his colleagues monthly brought 50 thousand dollars cash to the president of this club. Contribution to the club, he believes, was approximately the tenth part from the "share".

The scheme is very simple. There are official sponsors, who transfer money by bank transfer, and “unofficial” ones, who give cash in cases. Officials are – large banks, oil companies and etc., while unofficial are owners of markets and many others, who are in need of permit for man power registration.

- Can you imagine the turnover? – asked Konstantin. – I think only from Moscow they had about 15-20 million dollars in cash. Such hierarchy of requisitions is constructed.

How much does the “id card” for “thief within the law” costs?

Thus criminal grew together with Migratory service of the Russian Federation. You can judge about the criminal atmosphere in the state institution from the reports of the criminal chronicle on how one or another thief within the law with the Transcaucasian or Asian roots legally received Russian passport.

“Thief within the law Aziz Batukayev received passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. Members of the deputy commission on investigation of the fact of his early release and departure from Kyrgyzstan told journalists about it today”, - wrote one of the Kyrgyz new agencies in 2013. Aziz Batukayev in Kyrgyzstan was sentenced to 16 years of imprisonment for organization of mass riots in one of colonies in the suburb of Bishkek. During the riot organized by Batukayev, several members of the deputy commission, who arrived to colony with inspection, were killed. In April, 2013 Batukayev was released from the Kyrgyz prison according to a conclusion of the medical commission, which diagnosed him a blood cancer in last stage. In several hours the thief within the law received a new passport and immediately left the republic, flying a private plane to Chechnya.

The same year thief in law Nikolay Shalibashvili by nickname Koka Tbilisi also received passport of the citizen of Russia. To this solemn event we are obliged to territorial point No. 1 of department of the Solnechnogorsk district of the Office of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation in the Moscow region. Check of this passport office showed that only in the first half of 2013 five passports were illegally issued there. An episode with Shalibashvili – the sixth.

Punishment for the corrupted generals

The ex-Colonel Raisa Erkova in a conversation with me claimed that resignation of the Head of the FMS Romodanovsky happened not without her personal participation. Eight years of fighting with the corrupt apparatus were not in vain. During this time she also had to face employees of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee in Moscow – the one, whose Head were caught on a large bribe from the thief within the law Shakro. And she has a clear understanding of how close did part of law enforcement bodies grew with criminal society.

For eight years Erkova has been proving that her dismissal was illegal and was followed by financial frauds. In this lawsuit Erkova was using her knowledge of the agancies’ subtleties in system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. For example, she found many counterfeits in pile of documents on which the opposite party relied. Whereas, signatures were counterfeited not only in bureaucratic formal replies, but also in financial records. Counterfeits of signatures of the Minister of Internal Affairs Rashid Nurgaliyev (today the Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation), the former Director of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation Konstantin Romodanovsky and the Acting Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev became the most scandalous evidence of crimes provided by the article 327 of the Criminal Code.

And thank God that except Valkyries of thieves in law, we have goddesses of justice and retribution for the criminal world.



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