Navalny fund reveals heads of Rostec, Gazprom and Transneft own some luxury houses

Navalny fund reveals heads of Rostec, Gazprom and Transneft own some luxury houses
Sergey Chemezov's house

‘Russian Federation’ is indicated as ‘the owner’ of Sergey Chemezov’s apartment in the Rosreestr.

Alexey Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) found that the leaders of the state corporation Rostec (Sergey Chemezov), Gazprom (Alexey Miller) and Transneft (Nikolai Tokarev) own luxury real estate in the city of Moscow, Moscow Region and St. Petersburg. Curiously, Chemezov’s house is registered as property of Russian Federation in the Rosreestr.

FBK found that the Rostec head has two apartments on Shvedsky Street with a total area of 370 square meters, registered in the names of Chemezov’s son and ex-wife. In addition, his son is the legal owner of an apartment on Vorontsovo Pole Street, of 342 square meters and a detached house on Rublyovka valued at 400 million rubles ($6.000.000). Chemezov and his new wife also own two apartments that are measured together at 645 square meters, in Povarskaya Street.

The Rostec head is the owner of six hectares of land in the village of Akulininino, Moscow, with a 1600 square-meter building, a guesthouse, a tennis court and other buildings on that plot.

The Gazprom head, Alexey Miller, has a three-story penthouse with an area of 775 square meters, next to the Government House; an apartment in the heart of St. Petersburg of 400 square meters, with an attic and a view of the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Hermitage and the Vasilyevsky Island.

The Transneft head, Nikolai Tokarev, owns three apartments on Shvedsky Street, Moscow, with a total cost of about 750 million rubles ($11.300.000), and a dacha in Akulinino near Chemezov’s property. An apartment worth 600 million rubles ($9.000.000) is registered in the name of Tokarev’s daughter; it is located in the elite residential complex of Bryusov, 19, while his wife is the legal owner of a plot of land of 5 hectares and a house of 1.500 square meters.

The FBK real estate study was inspired by The Insider’s investigation into the five-story apartment of the Rosneft head, Igor Sechin.



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