Navalny accuses Chaika’s company of flooding on Malaya Bronnaya Street in Moscow

Navalny accuses Chaika’s company of flooding on Malaya Bronnaya Street in Moscow
Alexey Navalny’s blog

In his blog, the leader of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) Alexey Navalny conducted an investigation into the flooding on a number of streets in Moscow on July 22. He focused on one of the most famous streets of the Russian capital.

The blogger and opposition leader notes how strange it was that "having received a second birth, Malaya Bronnaya drowned at the age of ten months."

"A lot of streets in Moscow were flooded yesterday, but a disaster with Malaya Bronnaya was really a surprise for everyone. After all, less than a year ago this very street was proudly commissioned after extensive reconstruction," Navalny wrote

The reconstruction works were carried out by Baltic Stroy Company under the contract with the Moscow authorities worth almost 11 million rubles, which was signed on February 20. Navalny claims that this company is controlled by the youngest son of Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika a businessman Igor Chaika.

It should be noted that the FBK made such conclusion upon analyzing all 36 tenders, which featured City Stroy Service, associated with Igor Chaika’s business.

Apart from this company, all of the tenders feature three other regular contenders – Innovatsii sveta (officially owned by Chaika), Baltic Stroy Company, and Navigatsionnie resheniya.

In total, the four companies participated in 14 tenders worth more than 2.5 billion rubles. The blogger notes that all four companies represent a single holding, which does not even try to disguise its connections. "So, when you go knee-deep in water on Bronnaya and complain "Who designed it this way?!" you have the answer - Igor Chaika, the son of the Russian Prosecutor General," Navalny stated.

The Orion Company won the right to carry out the reconstruction concept provided by Baltic Stroy Company for Malaya Bronnaya. Orion’s co-owner is the former head of Fili-Davydkovo and Kuntsevo district council, Sergey Timoshin.

In total, the two business entities have received 112 million rubles for reconstruction of the street from the Moscow budget. On July 22, the heavy rain flooded the center of Moscow, creating huge traffic jams and revealing the poor state of storm drains in the Russian capital.



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