Name of Rostov police ex-head appears in Rostekhnadzor officials' case

Name of Rostov police ex-head appears in Rostekhnadzor officials' case
Nikolay Germashev

The new defendant is known in narrow circles as the criminal authority Kolya Kuvalda.

One more defendant, ex-Chief of the operational-investigative unit of the Internal Investigation Division of MIA Directorate for the Rostov region, Nikolay Germashev, can be added to the criminal case about the negligence of Head of the North-Caucasian Directorate of Rostekhnadzor, Timofay Pan. According to the TV channel Rossiya-24, Germashev is known in narrow circles as crime lord Kolya Kuvalda.

Media wrote about the friendship between Germashev and Pan back in 2017. Both then and now the official of Rostekhnadzor insisted that he had a work-related relationship with Nikolay Germashev and his brother Evgeny. Both brothers served together with Pan in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Nikolay’s father-in-law was Martiros Bogogozov, the official owner of Sulinugol.

Recall that Pan and the main state inspector of the Rostov territorial department of Rostekhnadzor, Alexander Litvinov, are suspected of negligence in connection with the illegal activity of Sulinugol. The company is engaged in coal and anthracite mining. In November 2017, the head of the organization Bogogozov was put on the wanted list, and at the end of June 2018 he was arrested. The entrepreneur allegedly illegally appropriated three coal mines in the village of Gukovo, Rostov region, the regional newspaper Bloknot reports.

In February 2018, Nikolay Germashev was also sent into custody, who was accused of covering up the illegal activities of the Sulinugol and Syr'evye Resursy OF (Raw Materials Concentrating Plant) companies. The second organization also belongs to Bogogozov, but the investigation believes that the real owner of both firms is Germashev.



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