Murmansk region Head debunks reports about her escape abroad

Murmansk region Head debunks reports about her escape abroad
Marina Kovtun

Marina Kovtun said that she spent time on vacations in the south of Russia.

The Governor of the Murmansk region, Marina Kovtun, refuted media reports about her vacation abroad and that she allegedly is not going to return to home. The Head of the region stressed that she takes a holiday in the Krasnodar region since she does not travel overseas. Sometimes Kovtun is chilling in the Penza region.

Recall, as FlashNord wrote the day before, Kovtun left the country and may not return. Sources said that the Governor reached such a decision amid a high-profile corruption scandal.

This is the case initiated against First Deputy Head of the state regional budgetary institution Murmansk Regional Government administration Georgy Blagodelsky, whose lawyers announced that they are seeking a face-to-face interrogation with Marina Kovtun. As defense noted, the interrogation of Kovtun may result in the establishment of the Governor’s role as the organizer of a high-profile corruption case.

In July 2017, FSB officers conducted searches in the offices of the Murmansk region government and 20 commercial organizations of the region in the case of fraud in the implementation of state contracts for servicing the activities of the government and the Governor. After the searches, Blagodelsky was arrested. His chief Eduard was arrested too.

It is noteworthy that the Blagodelsky’s wife stated after her husband's arrest that all the millions stolen were spent exclusively on the personal needs of Marina Kovtun.



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