Mother of ex-Colonel Zakharchenko discovers origin of millions and apartments

Mother of ex-Colonel Zakharchenko discovers origin of millions and apartments
Valentina Zakharchenko

Valentina Zakharchenko believes that the Prosecutor's Office ascribes to her family a much larger income than it actually has.

The mother of the defendant in bribe-taking, former police Colonel Dmitry Zakharenko, Valentina disclosed the sources of family income. According to her, the capital was acquired by long service and then multiplied after receiving the inheritance.

So, according to the woman, over 15 years the family members spent 157 million rubles ($2.6m) on the purchase of real estate in Moscow. In addition, Valentina Zakharchenko admitted that 19.5 million rubles ($332.600), 600 thousand euros and 20 thousand dollars found in an apartment on Michurinsky Prospekt, also belonged to the family.

But the origin of 9 billion rubles ($152.7m), found in an apartment on Lomonosovsky Prospekt, Valentina did not clarify, stressing only that this money does not belong to her.

The ex-Colonel's mother added that an inheritance of more than $1 million was received from her sister Nina Marchenko. Valentina Zakharchenko invested means in the business of relatives and friends. She also invested in the construction of apartments in Rostov-on-Don and in the capital, for which she received a reward of about 10-12% per annum.

She added that even for a while she hid the size of the received inheritance from children, and in general the family has always lived modestly.

"We related our attitude to material goods to our son Dmitry. Father and son often communicated, but they never had any joint projects. Dmitry completely devoted himself to his work. Viktor Dmitrievich (Viktor Zakharchenko is the father of the ex-Colonel – Ed.) was never interested in huge amount of money, although he could earn much more. He would be satisfied with a more modest existence; he loves the countryside, nature and cherishes the free time," Valentina Zakharchenko said in an interview with RT.

Recall that former Head of the Department T of the MIA Anti-Corruption Head Dmitry Zakharchenko is charged with receiving multimillion bribes, abuse of authority and obstruction of justice.

Last week, the court reversed 27 properties, about 8 billion rubles, four cars and a gold bar in favor of the state from the family of the ex-Colonel. Apart from the Colonel, his father and mother, sister Irina Razgonova, civil wife Anastasia Pestrikova, her cousin Lilia Gorshkova, former wife of Colonel Yana Saratovtseva and her mother, as well as former civil wives Maria Semynina and Irina Petrushina became defendants in the case.



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