Moscow traffic police special battalion officers caught on large bribe

Moscow traffic police special battalion officers caught on large bribe
Inspectors served in the so-called elite traffic police battalion

The traffic police officers allegedly took money from a driver and passenger carrying drugs.

Traffic police officers were detained in Moscow on suspicion of receiving a large bribe, the media report on Friday citing sources. According to insiders, a lieutenant and a warrant officer were rounded up — they received 300 thousand rubles ($4.5 thousand) each and agreed to conceal a crime.

“Both traffic cops received 300 thousand rubles ($4.5 thousand) from a citizen, on whom a narcotic substance was found,” a source told

The Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Moscow confirmed that two traffic police officers in the South-Western Administrative Okrug had received a bribe for not bringing to the legally established responsibility for the storage of substances prohibited from legal trade. The department stressed that the inspectors have already been dismissed on adverse grounds, and their leaders have been brought to disciplinary responsibility.

At the same time, Mash Telegram channel published the details of the incident. It reports that it was special-battalion inspectors, who stopped a suspicious red BMW on Sadovaya, that were suspected of the bribe. In the car was a woman, 40, and a man. According to the channel, both were intoxicated. Moreover, they had 2 grams of a banned substance on them.

The channel pens that the detainees gave the inspectors 1 million rubles, and they let them go. However, during the arrest, the traffic police allegedly stated that the money had been planted on them.



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