Moscow Perovo District Head detained on suspicion of fraud

Moscow Perovo District Head detained on suspicion of fraud
Aleksandr Dovgopol

The official was caught red-handed while taking 1 million rubles ($17.000).

The Head of Moscow Perovo District Aleksandr Dovgopol has been detained in a special operation while receiving a bribe of 1 million rubles ($17 thousand), reported Investigators believe that the official had been behind a fraudulent scheme.

According to the investigation, late in 2016 Dovgopol singed a state contract with a company providing information services. Despite no such services were actually provided, the civil servant signed an acceptance certificate as if the work had been performed, and the budgetary funds were transferred to the company's account. The official was promised a 1-million-ruble reward for what he did. It was the moment Dovgopol was taking the money on Wednesday evening that he was detained.

REN TV gives a different version of what happened. According to the TV-channel, the investigators brought the official to question him on the embezzlement of funds through VAT-related fraud. After the questioning, Dovgopol’s status was changed to ‘suspect’ and he was put in custody.

At the moment, the District Head is giving his testimony to the law enforcement. There has been no official comment on the situation yet.



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