Moscow police officers discuss behind-the-scenes activities on record revealed

Moscow police officers discuss behind-the-scenes activities on record revealed

The record was made by former investigator Sergey Loshakov, who fears that after leaving the police, criminal cases may be initiated against him, like it happened to his colleagues before.

The Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia for Moscow is checking the record of the conversation of three police officers about corruption in the MIA’s Head Office for Moscow, telegram channel Mash informed. The authenticity of the record was confirmed by the representatives of the Internal Security Directorate of the MIA’s Main Directorate for the capital. 

On record Lieutenant Dmitry Prokhorov, former investigator Sergey Loshakov and acting operative Rinat Nevmatulin discuss the cost of instituting criminal cases, schemes for ransoming migrants and the interest on kickbacks. The ICR is considering the question of initiating a criminal case on the materials of the record.

The conversation was recorded by Loshakov, who feared that after leaving the police, criminal cases would be initiated against him, as had previously happened to his colleagues. The police officers say that they can no longer work in the police. One of them says that he constantly takes a sick leave to spend less at work. They also tackle cases of corruption in the department. 

Thus, according to one of the police officers, a businessman from whom 30 million rubles were stolen was demanded 10% of this sum for initiating a criminal case. Otherwise, the case materials were promised to be transferred to another administrative district. One of the interlocutors notes that in Petrovka Head Office the lay-of-the-land "is the same, only more veiled and on a larger scale." The MIA’s Main Directorate in Moscow is called "the same fraudulent shop" as Operative and Search Department No. 6.

After that, the officers discuss the reason for the resignation of the former Chief of the Interior Ministry's Head Office for the capital, Anatoly Yakunin. According to one of the policemen, this is connected with the case of Creation of a Criminal Community (Art. 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) among operatives engaged in disclosing fraud with real estate. They allegedly covered ‘black realtors"’ for 5 million rubles and 50% of their income. 

"There, the 210th article was pinned on half the staff, the second half that remained calmed down, in six months it began again," says one of the officers. According to him, after that, Anatoly Yakunin was visited and threatened with prison term. 

In addition, the men discuss schemes for the ransom of illegal migrants. According to one of them, in one of the cases the ransom cost 10 million rubles. Half of the sum allegedly was taken by the former Head of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Internal Affairs Directorate for the North-Eastern District, Mumchinov, and the other half - acting Head Dorokhov. A percentage for mediation was received by one of the operatives, who transferred money to the boss. At the same time, he allegedly claimed that he "does not take money."

The record has undergone several checks in the Moscow MIA, including the Internal Security Directorate. The materials were sent for examination to the Main Investigative Directorate of the ICR for the Moscow region.



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