Moscow municipal deputies called their predecessors "fucked-up" 

Moscow municipal deputies called their predecessors "fucked-up"
Ilya Yashin

It turned out that former people's choices spent budget money on official transport and excessive rewards to themselves.

According to Ilya Yashin, the newly elected deputy in the Krasnoselsky district, the previous municipal assembly was pawning money for the chairman's car instead of spending it on the people's needs. Yashin himself promised to give up the practice of using official cars.

"I will drive my car, I have my own car, moreover, there is very convenint tram from my house to the Council of Deputies, so I will get by myself," he said.

Another example was given by journalist Ilya Azar, who was elected in Khamovniki. As he said, the last convocation of deputies has decided to hold meeting on which they wrote out monetary awards for September, 2017. Ilya Azar called the last team "Fucked up". He was supported by the organizer of an independent municipal campaign in Moscow, Dmitry Gudkov. In his opinion, these deputies are reminiscent of those tourists in Turkey who before the departure have time to hold up the entire number, including towels and toilet paper.



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