Moscow FSB officers suspected in swindling

Moscow FSB officers suspected in swindling

The leadership of the Turkish company paid 5 million rubles to solvers to avoid paying multimillion-ruble fine.

Today, the Moscow Garrison Military Court will consider the measure of restraint for the current and former employees of the Moscow Department FSB Karen Kraukhin and Vlad Novikov. They are suspected of swindling against the Turkish construction company Esta Construction, reported Kommersant.

The company received a fine of 37 million rubles for the involvement of foreign migrants in work. FSB solvers Kraukhin and Novikov promised to deal with the problem for less money - 5 million rubles. However, received the agreed amount, security officers have not fulfilled the promise, so that Turkish businessmen wrote them a statement in Moscow FSB.

On September 14th two suspects were detained by the private security department: Kraukhin in his office, Novikov - in his apartment after a search. Both security officer pleaded not guilty.

The BIA FSB of the Russian Federation initiated a criminal case under swindling on 6th September, when facts have been verified by the declaration of the Turkish company executives.

Esta Construction Company was founded in 2006 by the citizen of Turkey Bahattin Demirblekom, engaged in the construction of major facilities - stadiums, supermarkets, airports. One of the last projects of the company is a residential complex Serdze Stolizy on Shelepihinskaya Embankment in Moscow with total area of ​​almost 640 thousand sq. m. At the site the FMS officers found violations of migration legislation - the involvement in the construction a large number of Central Asian workers, working without a permit. Then the company was fined 37 million rubles.

Managers of the company have decided to bypass the law and solve the problem for less money. Then the lawyer of Esta Construction Valerian Kochergin got in touch with his relatives in the FSB, and those brought heads of the company with Kraukhin and Novikov. They promised to rid the company of the fine for 5 million rubles. However, after receiving the money, officers stopped answering calls. It is possible that they were not going to fulfill the promise, having decided that, given the deterioration of relations with Turkey, the company did not dare to seek to law enforcement authorities.

The lawyer of detained Novikov Dagir Khasavov claimed that his client is innocent and did not take any money, and at the time of the alleged swindling has resigned from the FSB. Khasavov stressed that during the search there did not find designated amounts. In addition, the defense said that Novikov, during the confrontation, said that he did not know the lawyer Kochergin.



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