Moscow ex-judge suspected of bribe-taking for house arrest in drug case

Moscow ex-judge suspected of bribe-taking for house arrest in drug case

Ruslan Yakubayev agreed to change a defendant’s preventive measure from imprisonment in a detention center to house arrest for 1 million rubles ($15.8 thousand).

Former judge of Kuzminsky District Court of Moscow, Ruslan Yakubayev, was suspected of receiving a bribe for imposing house arrest instead of confinement in a pre-trial detention center on a defendant in a drug case, Kommersant reports. The Investigative Committee has opened a case on Bribe-Taking on an especially large scale against Yakubayev (part 5 of Art. 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

According to the investigation, on March 7, 2019, Natalya Vasilchikova, a lawyer of the accused in the case of Attempted Illegal Making and Sale of Drugs on a large scale (Art. 30, part 4 Art. 228.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) offered the judge a remuneration of 1 million rubles ($15.8 thousand) if he placed her client under house arrest. The judge agreed.

After the trial on the election of a preventive measure, the lawyer handed over 200 thousand rubles ($3.1 thousand) to Yakubayev in his office. The next day, the defendant in the drug case filed a report with the Moscow Directorate of the FSB on extortion of a bribe. As part of an operational experiment, the relatives of the accused handed over another 300 thousand rubles ($4.7 thousand) to Vasilchikova in his apartment. There the lawyer was detained, she agreed to cooperate with the security officers.

On March 14, Vasilchikova arrived in a Lexus to the village of Podgorelki, where Yakubayev lives, and gave him marked bills in the car. On March 19, the security services searched the judge’s home and seized 200 thousand rubles ($3.1 thousand) from him, which glowed under UV lights. The judge admitted partial guilt. According to him, the lawyer asked not to take the defendant into custody, but he did not promise her anything.

In April, after the start of the Investigative Committee’s check, Yakubov resigned. The initiation of proceedings against the judge became known July 16, however, it is only now that the essence of the charges against him became clear.



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