Moscow Deputy Mayor’s ex-coworkers supply drugs to hospitals

Moscow Deputy Mayor’s ex-coworkers supply drugs to hospitals
Leonid Pechatnikov, Moscow Deputy Mayor for Social Development

There are companies that supplied medicines for the Moscow Healthcare Department with no tender.

The companies founded by people who used to work at the European Medical Center (EMC) formerly headed by Leonid Pechatnikov got most of the orders for the medicine supply to Moscow hospitals, Vedomosti wrote. The newspaper asked the official to comment, but he said that he was not in charge of the procurement and recommended contacting the Health Department, which, in turn, provided no comment.

Farmadis, Tagor, Ezra and Akvista are the leading companies in drug supply. Each of them has in one way or another been associated with EMC, according to the newspaper. In 2016 the companies won contracts worth a total of 14.7 billion rubles, which makes 27% of all the department’s procurement. Next came Pharmstandard and R-Pharm that won 8.9 and 7.4 billion contracts respectively.

Something else seems quite suspicious: the contracts are won by the only participant and the initial price is not lowered. If there was a second participant in a tender, the price got reduced by several times. For instance, in the December tender between R-Pharm and Biokad-Pharm, the latter was the winner. The winning company reduced the price of Trastuzumabum by half, making it 628 million rubles, and Bevacizumabum got almost three times cheaper, 223 million rubles. Thus, Trastuzumabum initial top price decreased from 71 364 rubles for a pack to 34 712.

Earlier, former head doctor of oncology clinic 62 had spoken to the media saying that making the Health Department responsible for procurement instead of the hospital has resulted in significantly increased cost of drugs. The change was due to the altered status of hospitals that used to be autonomous institutions and are now state-funded ones.



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