Moscow court prolonged arrest to ex-chief of Investigative Committee Mikhail Maksimenko

Moscow court prolonged arrest to ex-chief of Investigative Committee Mikhail Maksimenko
Mikhail Maksimenko

The investigation petitioned for an extension of the term of detention till January 19. The Moscow City Court has satisfied it.

The arrest of former Head of the Investigative Committee Bureau of Internal Affairs Mikhail Maksimenko is prolonged for three months, till January 19, 2018. Such decision was passed by the Moscow City Court, thus, satisfying the petition of the investigation.

As a representative of the Federal Security Service said in court, the extension of arrest is necessary for obtaining results of an examination and a reply to the request from Latvia. He emphasized that about 30 interrogations has already been conducted and phonoscope expertizes carried out within the case. The investigator added that six criminal cases are united in one production. According to him, after the change of a measure of restraint, Maksimenko can disappear.

Maksimenko's defense petitioned for transfer of the Colonel under house arrest in connection with the deterioration of the state of health of the accused.

Earlier as the CrimeRussia wrote businessman Dmitry Smychkovsky, who, according to the investigators, presented a gift, Jeep Wrangler car of 2013, to Maksimenko, was put on the international wanted list. Law enforcement authorities estimated the vehicle’s cost at 2.7 million rubles ($47 thousand).

To recall, the former investigator is accused of receiving $1 million from people of Zakhar Kalashov known as ‘code-bound criminal’ Shakro Molodoy (Shakro The Young) for mitigation of article of charge and the subsequent release of the criminal leader, the right hand of Kalashov, Andrey Kochuykov known as Italiyanets (Italian), one of participants of the firefight at a restaurant on Rochdelskaya Street in Moscow.



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