Moscow: 3 former tax officers convicted for $100thsd bribe

Moscow: 3 former tax officers convicted for $100thsd bribe

In Moscow, the court has sentenced three former employees of the Federal Tax Service to imprisonment and found them guilty of bribery.

According to the press service of the Moscow Prosecutor's Office, in October 2013 during a field tax audit, the chief state tax inspector of the department of field tax audits revealed that one of the companies had not fully paid the value-added tax and income tax. The amount of ‘shortage’ riches 37 million rubles ($612 thousand).

Later, he discussed the situation with the acting deputy head of the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate Department No. 33 and took advantage of it. As a result, he suggested to businessmen to reduce the actual amount of tax by 5 times and prepare the necessary documents for this in exchange for a bribe of 6 million rubles ($100 thousand). When receiving the money, the conspiring tax collectors attracted their colleague.

After they cashed out the funds transferred to the account of a fly-by-night company, they were detained. Later, all three were fired from the Federal Tax Service.

The court found the former tax officials guilty of the crime and sentenced them to prison terms from 5 to 9 years.



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