Mosavtodor deputy head arrested for fraud

Mosavtodor deputy head arrested for fraud
Sergey Titov

According to the investigation, Sergey Titov would conclude contracts, the work under which was not carried out; the fraud scheme participants appropriated the money.

The Tverskoy Court of Moscow has placed Deputy Head of Mosavtodor State Institution Sergey Titov in a pre-trial detention center, Kommersant reports.

The investigation believes that in 2016, Titov and his accomplices signed contracts for road works, which were not carried out. The fraud scheme participants would appropriate the money allocated for state orders. The amount of damage is not specified, however, it is known that Titov is charged with swindling on an especially large scale. The official does not plead guilty.

The investigation is carried out by the Moscow Region MIA Main Directorate’s Investigation Department. It was previously reported that law enforcers had searched the Mosavtodor building and Titov’s place of residence. The case of embezzlement was filed back in December 2017. The initiator of the investigation was the Ministry of Transport of the Moscow region, which was dissatisfied with the state institution’s work.



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