Ministry of Defense colonel charged with embezzlement from CSKA fund

Ministry of Defense colonel charged with embezzlement from CSKA fund
Mikhail Baryshev

Losing hope for an “objective investigation,” the former head of the army sports club intended to kill himself.

Military investigators of the ICR’s Main Main Investigative Directorate reported on the new charges in the corruption case against former head of CSKA Mikhail Baryshev: swindling, abuse of power and bribe-taking, TASS reported, referring to a source close to the investigation.

According to the investigation, Andrey Khamazin, Baryshev’s deputy, at the orders of the latter, collected the bonuses given to their subordinates – about 2.6 million rubles ($ 41,000) in total. 

Khamazin and his sister, who headed the CSKA Sports Initiatives Fund, together with Baryshev became defendants in the episode of stealing about 4 million rubles ($ 63,000) from the fund. The money was allocated to pay for transportation of foreign athletes during the Military World Games in Sochi in 2017.

The third episode, the bribe-taking, is related to the agreement concluded between Baryshev with the supplier of sportswear company Forward, from which the ex-head of CSKA allegedly received 1.6 million rubles ($ 25,000) for a contract for sewing uniform. The testimony for this episode was given by actor Alexey Ogurtsov, who acknowledged his mediation in transferring the money.

On October 11, a military court will consider the request of the state prosecution to extend Baryshev’s custody terms. The colonel tried to escape. According to him, he lost hope for a fair trial and wanted to die from a bullet.



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