Ministry of defense beats bribe amount record

Ministry of defense beats bribe amount record
The Russian Ministry of Defense is breaking records

Businessman Aleksey Kalitin has paid a kickback to military service representatives in the amount of 648 million rubles ($10.4 million).

The Russian Ministry of Defense has broken the bribe record. It was businessman Aleksey Kalitin who paid the kickback of 648 million rubles to the military service representatives.

Thus, Rosbalt reports, the amount of a record bribe for the Ministry of Defense has doubled. Earlier, one of the criminal cases initiated against the Ministry listed the amount of 368 million rubles ($5.94 million). Now it has doubled.

According to a source familiar with the situation, Kalitin has been charged. The investigation established that the businessman has given a bribe to high-ranking officers of the Ministry of Defense through a mediator. A criminal case under Art. 291 of the Russian Criminal Code (Bribery) has been initiated against Kalitin.

The investigation found that Kalitin has been embezzling state budget funds in Moscow and St. Petersburg since 2015. An audit by the FSB has given rise to numerous questions for him. In the spring of 2017, the businessman was placed in a pre-trial detention center for refusing to cooperate with the investigation. Later, he agreed to cooperate, and the preventive measure was changed – Kalitin was placed under house arrest. The businessman began to violate the restricting measures and was again placed a pre-trial detention.

According to the investigation, Kalitin had plenty of contracts for paying large kickbacks to high-ranking officers of the Ministry of Defense. His firms regularly received billions of contracts for the supply of kitchens, bakeries, cisterns, and various equipment.

Kalitin’s testimony gave grounds for numerous arrests. Chief of the Food Department of the Ministry of Defense, Aleksandr Berezhnoy, was the first to be arrested, followed by Chief of the Technical Support Department Aleksandr Vakulin and Chief Management Expert Aleksey Grinyuk.

Next on the list of detainees were Chief of the Auction Commission of the Military Department, Aleksandr Borovkov, and Chief of the Department for Conducting Competitive Procedures for the State Order of the Ministry of Defense’s Department of Public Procurements, Yury Reshetnikov. The investigation found signs of the creation of an OCG (organized crime group) in the officials’ actions.

Kalitin and other military officials would inflate the prices of goods and services, which resulted in a large part of the budget funds landing in their pockets.



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