Mikhail Maksimenko would go on hunger strike if his lawyer has not been allowed

Mikhail Maksimenko would go on hunger strike if his lawyer has not been allowed
Mikhail Maksimenko

The senior ICR official is currently in the Butyrka mental asylum. Human rights activists and lawyers suspected that the FSB officers gave the arrested psychotropic drugs.⁠

Arrested on charges of accepting a bribe Head of the BIA ICR Mikhail Maksimenko would go on hunger strike if his lawyer has not been allowed. He told human rights activists about this decision when they hardly got through the defendant into the Butyrka medical division.

"Maksimenko told us that his main complaint is a lack of ability to communicate with a lawyer and he is ready to go on hunger strike if in the near future this issue has not been solved," - RIA Novosti quoted words of the Deputy Chairman of the Public Monitoring Commission (PMC) Eva Merkacheva. According to her, the complaint is recorded in a special register of the pre-trial detention center. Merkacheva noted that, in general, the arrested has felt himself decentish.

Previously, the CrimeRussia reported, quoting words of Maksimenko’s lawyer Alexander Vershinin, the defendant, involved in high-profile case, is in the sealed chamber, which it is not allowed to visit by lawyers or human rights defenders. Members of the PMC were able to communicate with the prisoner through the camera glass. Also Vershinin noted that near the camera security officers and staff of the Federal Penitentiary Service have guarded round the clock. The Chief Doctor and Head of Butyrka told members of the PMC to monitor the prisoner it was not their initiative.

Recall that the health state of Mikhail Maksimenko was sharply deteriorated after he was taken to an interrogation with the FSB. According to another person, involved in the criminal case of bribe-taking from the kingpin Shakro Molodoy, the ICR General Nikandrov, the FSB teed Maksimenko doctored with psychotropic substance, after which he did not recognize anyone and did not remember his name. In addition, Maksimenko was afraid of the Lefortovo food. After that the PMC members urgently demanded to hospitalize the arrested and conduct a survey on the subject of the content of narcotic or psychotropic drugs in the body. A few days later Maksimenko was transferred to Butyrka asylum.

However, the press office of the FSIN continues to insist that the FSB did not use psychotropic drugs to arrested ICR senior official. The Service contends that Maksimenko was placed into a mental hospital at his own request and written consent for a comprehensive medical examination.



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