Mikhail Maksimenko trying to get out of pre-trial detention center due to health reasons

Mikhail Maksimenko trying to get out of pre-trial detention center due to health reasons
Mikhail Maksimenko Photo: Artyom Korotayev / TASS

The senior Investigative Committee official will be transferred from the pre-trial detention center Lefortovo to the Moscow hospital No. 20. Doctors will check whether the state of health of the arrested allows him to be held in a jail.

The Head of the ICR Office interagency cooperation and private security Mikhail Maksimenko will be hospitalized in the City Clinical Hospital (GKB) No. 20 of Moscow. Lawyers and human rights activists managed to initiate a medical examination for the suspect of taking bribes from the kingpin Shakro Molodoy, who was in a pre-trial detention center.

According to Otrkytaya Rossiya (Open Russia), the ICR senior was delivered to hospital from Lefortovo pre-trial detention center yesterday, on October 31. The GKB commission of doctors will check whether Maksimenko has diseases that could prevent his further detention.

The medical check is conducted on the basis of the decree No. 3 of the Russian Government dated 14 January 2011 "On medical examination of suspected or accused of committing crimes", which was adopted after the death of Sergey Magnitsky in prison. The decree lists a number of serious diseases which prevent the detention.

On Sunday, October 30, the rights activists re-visited Maksimenko in Lefortovo center. According to the Public Monitoring Committee member Zoya Svetova, the arrested still looks very bad, hardly speaks, and does not realize what is happening. The human rights activist was trying to cheer Maksimenko up, but he was indifferent.

"When I said that being in prison is not a tragedy, the Colonel, still swaying, as do people with signs of clinical depression, said in low voice: "The prison is the worst thing in life." I asked: "Worse than war? Worse than death?" He replied: "Yes, much more terrible", quoted Svetova’s words Open Russia.

The member of the PMC noted that 40-year-old Maksimenko was "walking down the corridor of Lefortovo slowly, barely dragging his feet, as if he is over 70 years old".

If doctors decide that the suspect cannot be detained, the decision to release him should be taken by the FSB investigator or the Lefortovo Court.

It is to be recalled that Maksimenko has been held in Lefortovo since July 19. Together with the other senior officers of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Lamonov and Denis Nikandrov, he is accused of taking bribes on an especially large scale from members of the criminal community.



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