Mikhail Maksimenko provided personal advice to Shakro Molodoy's people

Mikhail Maksimenko provided personal advice to Shakro Molodoy's people
Mikhail Maksimenko in court

The FSB has told how the ICR Head of Interagency Cooperation and Private Security had been instructing Kalashov OCG's members as to which steps to take to release the Italian.

The former Head of the Main Directorate of the ICR Interagency Cooperation and Private Security Mikhail Maksimenko was providing personal advice to the members of the thief in law Shakro Molodoy's (Zakhar Kalashov) organized crime group for several months.

As Rosbalt reports citing a source in the FSB, the ICR senior officer would give direct instructions to Kalashov's people on how to release the defendants in the case of shootout on Rochdelskaya Street in December 2015, as a result of which two people were killed and seven were injured.

According to the source, in late February 2016 while at home, Mikhail Maksimenko told the Deputy Head of the ICR Main Investigations Directorate Denis Nikandrov and his own Deputy Aleksandr Lamonov about Shakro Molodoy's offer – namely, a large amount of money for their assistance in the release of the kingpin’s henchman Andrey Kochuykov nicknamed the Italian from a pre-trial detention center.

According to the news agency, after 500 thousand euros had been transferred to the senior ICR officers on March 4, 2016, "Maksimenko and Lamonov ensured that Kochuykov provided the necessary statement through the existing contacts with members of Zakhar Kalashov's criminal community" to reclassify Italian's charge to a milder one (Kochuykov had been previously charged with extortion of 8 million rubles from the owner of Elements restaurant Joanna Kim).

As a result of the criminal actions of Nikandrov, Maksimenko, and Lamonov, the detained Andrey Kochuykov was released from the detention center on June 14, but was eventually detained by FSB officers. A few weeks later, the ICR officers who had assisted in his release were arrested.

The Investigative Committee officers have been under arrest since July 19. They are accused of taking bribes on an especially large scale from members of the criminal community.



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