Michael Bryachak: corruption must be equated to treason

Michael Bryachak: corruption must be equated to treason

Corruption destroys the country, so it must be equated to treason. This is what Mikhail Bryachak, the State Duma Deputy, the Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies, the Chairman of the Regional Council in the Republic of Crimea, stated at a press conference in Alushta before the Congress of Deputies of the Party "Spavedlivaya Rossiya" in Sevastopol.

"Today, corruption manifestations not only hamper economic development, but also destroy the country, - said Mikhail Bryachak . - A spy can't cause the country more harm than the corrupt governor, the minister or the public-service manager. We see the example of the Federal Customs Service. Therefore, penalties for corruption should be the same as for treason. This is not only my personal opinion, it is the opinion of our political force. The property shoud be confiscated not only from the perpetrators, but also from the members of their families, who are usually receive it. Measures against corruption must be the most severe."

With that, the deputy pointed out that while there is a monopoly of power in the country, it's almost impossible to fight corruption.



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