Miass: high-ranking official detained by OMON forces

Miass: high-ranking official detained by OMON forces
Screenshot from a news story dedicated to the 230th anniversary of Miass

Head of the Syrostan territorial department Aleksandr Derin and his secretary have been detained by law enforcers in Miass.

The operation was supported by OMON special police.

According to the local publication Miass.Live, the detention was preceded by searches at the workplace of the official, as well as at his place of residence. According to the publication, Derin had been previously summoned for questioning to the Prosecutor's Office.

Witnesses report that there were a lot of cars and riot policemen on the square in front of the administration. At first, people thought a simulation exercise were being conducted.

The publication suggested that the reason for the detention of the official could have been dubious land transactions in Syrostan or gasification of the village. The violations were revealed by the Chamber of Control and Accounts in 2018.

At the same time, there is no official information about Derin’s detention. The regional Federal Security Service Directorate has neither confirmed nor denied the detention to the publication Chelyabinsk.Segodnya, explaining that such measures could have been taken as part of the investigation of the criminal case on land fraud in Syrostan; the Directorate representatives recommended journalists to contact the Investigation Committee. Vladimir Shishkov, a senior assistant to the head of the regional ICR Investigations Directorate, told the publication that he had no information about Derin’s detention.



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