MIA to check Ministry of Construction Deputy Head in connection with sale of land plots in Zvenigorod

MIA to check Ministry of Construction Deputy Head in connection with sale of land plots in Zvenigorod
The Ex-Mayor Leonid Stavitsky known under the nickname Zemlemer

The former Mayor of Zvenigorod Leonid Stavitsky aka Zemlemer (Surveyor) is suspected of fraud with the land and development of the city.

The police will re-examine on the prosecutor's request the activity of the first Deputy Head of the Ministry of Construction Leonid Stavisky in the period when he was the Mayor of Zvenigorod, the Moscow region. This was reported by RBC with reference to the answer of the Prosecutor's Office in the Moscow Region on the request of the State Duma Deputy Sergey Obukhov.

The check will affect the period of Stavisky's activity from 2003 to 2013, when he served as the Mayor of Zvenigorod. According to prosecutors, the condemnation of land in the town could be held in contravention of the law.

The first examination against Stavisky the Ministry of Internal Affairs Department in the Odintsovo district conducted in 2015 and did not find any violations in the activity of the ex-Mayor. However, the Prosecutor's Office came to the conclusion that the police committed violations during the inspection, and now the police has to re-examine the activities of Stavisky.

In 2009, the Zvenigorod ex-Mayor Leonid Stavitsky leased 12 plots in area of ​​2 sq. meters to individuals. In 2013, the Prosecutor's Office found that these plots were located in the forest, but were attributed to the "land settlements" category, because their topographic surveys took place "on the basis of false boundaries reconciliation acts." In April 2014 the Zvenigorod Court decided to eliminate the violations. As previously the CrimeRussia wrote, the Stavisky's participation in the sale of Zvenigorod's land may lie in the fact that he redrew the general plan of the city development, turned forests around the city to the status "urban settlement Zvenigorod's forest", and then stripped the city of the historic settlement status. That is why Stavitsky called Zemlemer. A demand for plots located in a picturesque forest was enormous. Customers became business leaders and governmental officials, leaders of criminal gangs (Lazanskie, Uralmash, Guta) and representatives from the North Caucasus. So, thanks to Stavitsky, the criminal leader of Chechnya Ruslan Atlangeriev (Italian), the businessman David Yakobashvili, who, according to some sources, sponsored the kingpin Shakro Molodoy, acquired land plots there.

In addition, the FAS and representatives of the supervisory authorities found irregularities in the organization of an auction, which resulted in leasing of several plots, where later the construction of the cottages began.

In 2013 Stavitsky was appointed the First Deputy Minister of Construction. It was he, who coordinated the construction of the Vostochniy cosmodrome in the Amur region, which is known for numerous thefts, the total amount of which, according to some estimates, exceeds 5 billion rubles.



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