MIA Colonel Yuri Timchenko registered property on retired parents and unemployed sister? 

MIA Colonel Yuri Timchenko registered property on retired parents and unemployed sister?
MIA BIA Head in the North-West Yuri Timchenko Photo: Fontanka Photo: Fontanka

Relatives of the policeman have multimillion-ruble estate in Moscow and the Moscow region. Investigators believe that it could be acquired on Colonel’s criminal revenues. The policeman, who previously worked in the capital, officially has no assets.

The Investigative Committee intends to arrest the property of the MIA Bureau of Internal Affairs in the North-West Head Yuri Timchenko. Investigators suspect that the arrested Colonel registered all of his possessions to the next of kin, according to Life citing a source. Retired parents and unemployed sister own property in Moscow and Moscow region, which could be purchased on the policeman’s criminal proceeds. Yuri Timchenko has no property.

So, the policeman’s family is building a house in the Putilkovo village, the Krasnogorsk district in the Moscow region. Land is registered to the policeman’s sister Anna Timchenko. Real estate has been taken to her in late 2014. It is estimated about 40 million rubles.

Дом в Подмосковье

House in the Moscow region

Retired parents Nadezhda and Anatoly Timchenkos have a few tens of millions of rubles on the accounts. However, it may be money from the sale of the mansion in the Solnechnogorsk district of the Moscow region. As the source said, a few years ago, before his appointment as the MIA BIA Head in the Northwestern Federal District, Timchenko could “sweep traces", so the property worth about 50 million rubles was sold.

Now, parents live in three-room apartment in the west of Moscow; it is worth about 20 million rubles. However, it was purchased before the appointment of Timchenko for the high position in the Interior Ministry.

Квартира в Москве

Apartment in Moscow

As previously reported, the Police Colonel's family used to live on a grand scale - living in Moscow, sister and nephews of Yuri Timchenko visited luxury spas around the world at least seven times a year. The cost of these trips is estimated at about 1.5 million rubles. In addition, Anna Timchenko has Nissan Murano, BMW X6, as well as Mercedes-GL400.

Анна Тимченко на отдыхе

Anna Timchenko on vacation

Recall, in September 2016, the MID ICR has opened a criminal investigation into Delovie Linii LLC Tax Evasion (Art. 199 of the Criminal Code). According to the ICR, the company managed to avoid paying VAT and income tax in the amount of 1 billion rubles. Colonel Timchenko identifing problems of the transport company proposed to solve issue for 100 million rubles. Representatives of Delovie Linii wanted to settle the matter in a legal manner, so turned to the FSB. Intermediaries in the transfer of the first tranche (50 million rubles) were businessmen Konstantin Marchenkov and Sergey Zinovenko.

In the evening on December 8, when Marchenko and Zinovenko received fake money from the representative of the transport company. After the arrest of businessmen, operatives came to the Colonel, in his office they found 350 thousand rubles.

Yuri Timchenko led the MIA BIA in the Northwestern Federal District after the administration reform in 2014. Previously, he served in the Moscow MIA BIA Central Board.



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